I had been recommended acupuncture several times over the last few years, but was always slightly dubious as to how it would help, however after injuring my neck I had tried sports massage, a phyiso and an osteopath and nothing had helped so I was put in touch with Jackie and after one session within 24 hours I was almost pain free and speechless!!! She was very confident and knowledgeable which was reassuring. I have since been having regular sessions to help manage chronic back pain and I can happily say she is helping. Jackie is very considerate and empathetic and also very knowledgeable about acupuncture, I would highly recommend getting in touch even to just have a chat and find out more, you will be surprised how many things she can help you with. 
— ZC, Financial Services Manager
Jackie applies not only her considerable professional skills but also her empathy, understanding and life experience to offer holistic treatment of benefit at many levels.
— WH, Freelance Editor
I went to Jacqueline Manning Brown for acupuncture treatments to encourage labour as my pregnancy had gone beyond the due date. Jackie was very professional and knowledgeable. I had only had acupuncture once before and I was a little nervous. But Jackie put me at ease and she has a very gentle - yet effective - method. Overall, she was very knowledgeable and provided a great service and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture services.
— BB 17/10/17
Jackie is extremely patient and approachable and it’s always a pleasure to get treatment with her. She’s helped with wide range of things including reducing stress and as an aid to stop smoking. I really couldn’t recommend her services highly enough.
— SC, Company Director
Jackie is one of the most caring & friendly acupuncturists I have ever had the good fortune to meet. She is very understanding of your issues, never dismissing even the things that may seem small, but to you are huge. Having met Jackie some time ago while she was training & feeling so relaxed & able to discuss any issues I might have, without embarrassment or awkwardness, I have fortunately been able to continue my treatment with her for health maintenance on a permanent basis.
— TS 07.07.17
Jackie is a caring and lovely lady. She put me at ease from the very first appointment.
The treatment has worked wonders for me and I would highly recommend her and acupuncture to anybody.
The more open and relaxed you can be the better the treatment will work.
— JT, Local Government Officer
I have been having acupuncture, originally for a musculoskeletal condition, for several months. Jackie is attentive to your needs and her warm manner puts you at ease. I always come away feeling so relaxed and refreshed. I would thoroughly recommend her. 
— CL, Educational Psychologist
Being sceptical of complementary therapies I wasn’t convinced Acupuncture would do anything for me. I was proved wrong and am happy to admit that. Acupuncture has benefited me in many ways, pain relief, low mood and overheating being a few. I have been having Acupuncture for a few years now and am pleased to have met Jackie whom I have settled with as my regular practitioner. Jackie is a lovely lady and makes you feel at ease making it easy to discuss any issue with her. Although Acupuncture may not suit everyone, I would definitely recommend giving it a go. I highly recommend Jackie if you decide to try it.
— TS, Administrative Officer
This was the first time I had tried acupuncture so I wasn’t sure if it would be right for me. I’m happy to report that not only was it pain free it worked for me from the first treatment (for temporomandibular pain); I know this may not always be the case. I’m more than happy to recommend Jackie to anyone thinking of acupuncture and I am continuing to have treatment.
— JC, Technical Support Engineer
I have no hesitation in recommending Jackie to anyone considering acupuncture. I decided to try it after other conventional medicine had failed. Her kind and friendly approach will put you at ease. I have been receiving treatment over the past couple of months and have found it really helpful and effective, not only for my back pain but also with sleeping and relaxation.
— LS, 12/17

Sensitive and holistic approach from a lovely lady who really listens and responds. Try it just for relaxation or to alleviate specific problems.
— Google review - March 2018
Have been to JMB Acupuncture several times now and would highly recommend - very professional and reassuring - as I’d never had acupuncture before. Really enjoyed it.
— Google review - April 2018
Jackie is extremely helpful and patient. She has a great knowledge and understanding of Acupuncture and can explain how and why she is targeting certain points. Very calming and very helpful indeed.

If you’re unsure about Acupuncture (I really was to begin with) or want to find out more about the benefits and how it helps, then I strongly encourage you to give her a call!
— Google review - March 2018
I have been receiving acupuncture from Jackie Manning Brown for several months now. I was extremely unwell when I first started acupuncture. I was on many different medications for months on end with no cure in sight. Having acupuncture from Jackie has changed my life. I am now on no medications at all. Not only has she cured the problem I came to her with, she has made me healthy all round. Jackie is a kind and caring person who puts you at ease during the entire session. If you have any questions she is happy to answer them and makes no question seem like a stupid one. I would recommend acupuncture with Jackie because not only is acupuncture unexplainably magical, but Jackie herself has a calming and healing aura about her. Thank you for everything Jackie.
— SE 07.18
Jackie is a lovely lady and makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed during acupuncture treatments! She’s great at what she does - highly recommend.
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